Long Sault Conservation Area

Long Sault Conservation Area
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Long Sault Conservation Area’s natural beauty can be explored on any section of the more than 18 km of marked trails that wind throughout the property.

The park offers trails with a range of difficulty levels, Long Sault is a favorite destination for many outdoor enthusiasts looking to pursue a number of different recreational activities in all seasons.

Located in the heart of the provincially significant Oak Ridges Moraine, Long Sault Conservation Area (~400 hectares) is the largest conservation area owned and managed by Central Lake Ontario Conservation Authority.

Once part of the Agreement Forest Program operated by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, Long Sault now includes mature forest, plantation, wetland, and meadow.

This area is considered an important core wildlife area because of the diversity and size of the habitats that it contains.

It also includes headwater tributaries that are an important part of the Bowmanville/Soper Creek Watershed.